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About Us

The genesis of creation of a dedicated platform in the form of Fairchem Organics Limited is to capitalise on the opportunities in the Indian speciality chemical structure.

Fairchem has perfected the business model of procuring waste generated in the oil refining mills and then using state of the art process equipment to isolate and purify a variety of components from the waste. Some of these components are used as building blocks to make further value-added products like Dimer acid. Fairchem is India’s largest manufacturer of Dimer acid used in many consumer products including paints. Fairchem also processes Tocopherol which is used in formulating Natural Vitamin-E.

Privi, which is a fully owned subsidiary of Fairchem, manufacturers aroma chemicals, which are blended together by formulators to impart fragrance in day to day products like soaps, detergents, shampoos, and fine fragrances. A significant portion of Privi’s aroma chemicals are made from the waste generated in the Pulp & Paper mills – mostly located in Europe, the US and Canada. 70% of Privi’s products are exported across the globe.

Both companies are working on renewable sources of raw materials i.e. waste from another industry and convert that into value added products.

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What We Do For You

Our Businesses

Aroma Chemicals

Every single day from the time you wake up till you sleep, Privi's aroma chemicals touch your life... from the mouthwash, to the shampoo, soaps, detergents.


Tocopherols manufactured by us is an invaluable natural source of Vitamin-E which is a natural anti-oxidant that slows down the aging process.


Long chain fatty acids can be converted to a multiple of products. We make high grade Dimer acid from acid oil – a by-product generated in vegetable oil refining.

Our Leading Team

Meet Our Experts

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Mr. Utkarsh Shah


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Managing Director

Mr. Nahoosh Jariwala

Founder of Fairchem (erstwhile Adi Finechem Limited)

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Managing Director

Mr. Mahesh Babani

Founder & Managing Director of Privi

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Executive Director

Mr. D B Rao

Founder & Executive Director of Privi